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Soon to be here!

I have a worldbuilding project going on and maybe someday soon you guys might see it.

It has both linguistics and fake biology going on, just like it has mythology and alternate history as well.

Because I'm the sole contributor, artist, linguist and storyteller, the project is going slow. I have notes about it since 2015 or so.

I've done a whole calendar about it and am studying late egyptian and demotic just because I want my conlang to be cool and based. Lol. Good luck to me I guess...

Follow me on neocities for updates if this somehow got your attention.

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This Website is Mobile-Friendly!
(and if it breaks please tell me immediately)

This place is my personal website but I'd like it to be cool and accessible to everyone.

On the links on the left of the page (or on top if you're on mobile) you can access the rest of the website: my taste in music, a library, my blog, my portfolio and whatever I might add in the future! I'm playing safe with the webdesign, we're doing good so far!
I will never do anything crazy here since I want my page to be accessible and NOT eye-straining nor confusing, but if you have any suggestion I'll gladly hear it whatever it may be (I have a real-time messaging form in this page).
I'm young, still learning, and thrilled to get on anything new you may have to offer.

I do think I'll have a page for buttons and stamps someday, but only under a big bold !WARNING! sign for flashing lights and eye strain.
Update: Stamps have been added, but only some I made myself and think are not too flashy. If they cause problems you can just tell me! They are on the About Me page :)

So, feel free to explore this place, and if you have any thoughts to share, hit me up!

Look at Molotovich. Click 'em.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Okay thank you for your time.

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